Izzi  - Toniatti – Perron Cabus - Ziliani – Martini Milano



The law firm Izzi, Toniatti, Perron Cabus and Martini & Partners in Milan has its headquarters in 4/A Piazza San Babila, in the heart of the city, in an optimal position for both its convenient accessibility and the proximity with the headquarters of the main economic and financial operators.
The study also has an operational headquarters in Busto Arsizio, one of the largest manufacturing and industrial centers in Northern Italy, as well as one of the largest urban agglomerations in the country, in order to provide direct customer support locally.
Known since the 14th century for its ancient and flourishing textile industry, this municipality in the province of Varese is now home to a science and technology pole with numerous service activities in support of industrial and agricultural enterprises.
The proximity of Busto Arsizio to Malpensa International Airport represents for the international customers an important logistical support for operations requiring celerity a certain degree of success.
The study offers a full range of services and legal advice and is renowned internationally for its skills and knowledge, over the years, with regard to the business world. The members of the law firm Izzi - Toniatti - Perron Cabus - Martini are supported by a team of professionals to offer customers a wide range of services and experience. The study, thanks to the specific skills gained in the language field, is able to assist clientele in English and German as regard the conclusion of contracts and the negotiations in general.