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The law firm - Izzi, Toniatti, Perron Cabus and Martini & Partners offers a wide range of legal services in Milan.
It has focused its business on various areas of law related to the needs of companies operating both in Italy and internationally.
For this reason, the staff is able to provide comprehensive assistance to companies in line with its own international business vocation, thanks to the solid experience gained in this area and in specific consulting areas.
The Studio assists its customers throughout the whole phase of the acquisition of companies and enterprises - in the role of buyers or sellers - in Italy and abroad. Assistance includes the structuring of operations, the due diligence activity, the preparation and negotiation phases of the contract documents.
The Firm assists its customers in every aspect of company law and corporate governance, as well as in the definition of any kind of commercial agreement (sale, supply and subcontracting, distribution, franchising, lease, agency, tender etc.).
The Firm provides its advice in the field of business insolvency procedures, assisting clients in the preparation of recovery plans, restructuring agreements andarrangements with creditors.
The law firm, also, assists the customers to acquire companies or assets in the context of procedures for liquidation concerning the assets in competitive tenders.
The activity of the department of Insolvency Law and Corporates Restructuring operates together with the departments of corporate law, litigation, criminal law and labor law to express the experience of the law firm in the various sectors and provide its own customers an integrated and comprehensive counseling.
The members of the study believe that knowledge of all aspects of the contracts and, in general, legal relationships and their pathologies are an essential element for the effective conduct of their advice activity.
Only through solid judicial and arbitration experience it is possible to carry out operations, draw up contracts and formulate opinions that ensure adequate protection, with the additional effect of minimizing the onset of controversies.
The Studio has important experience in the context of litigations by providing direct assistance with regard litigations in before civil legal authorities, criminal and administrative courts, national and community, and in front of national and international arbitration jurisdictions, including a consolidated network of foreign law firms .
The law firm has gained a solid experience in criminal law, acting in favor of natural persons and legal persons, whether in judicial or extrajudicial matters.
In particular, the professionals of the departement provide assistance in the criminal justice field by supporting the businessmanin all phases of the activities corporate, in order to prevent the occurrence of much illegal cases or to defend the client in criminal proceedings .
The Studio also assists its clients in other areas of criminal law (environmental offenses, against public administration, against person and property), providing comprehensive advice on this issue.

Our professionals are specialized in corporate law and criminal law. They have created an important synergy in 'administrative liability of legal persons', collaborating both in the risk analysis phase and in the preparation of effective organizational and control models adopted by leading domestic and foreign companies.
Completes the assistance offered, in particular, the defense in favor of legal persons investigated or accused in legal proceedings under Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.
The Studio also specializes in sporting law, assisting and solving issues relating to relationships between sports clubs and professional athletes, particularly in relation to football clubs and players; disciplinary liability, civil and criminal liability, and in the field of advertising, sponsorships and merchandising.
The labour sector is followed by highly specialized professionals dealing with contractual issues, including tax and social security aspects, and relationships with social security institutions, administrative authorities and trade unions. The office provides both legal advice and court assistance.
The Studio assists Italian and foreign clients in the purchase and/or rent of real estate, including industrial and commercial facilities, project finance and real estate transactions, apportionment, permits, planning and procedures, grants. The law firm also provides advice to companies on issues related to bidding, tendering and contract contracts, project development and turnkey contracts, Temporary Business Associations.
The study has gained considerable and significant experience in providing assistance to leading national companies operating in the field of transport, logistics and shipping. The law firm daily addresses the issues relating the contractuals of this sector and manages the issues concerning carrier liability, insurance stickers, rents, and subtransport.

The law firm has a group of specialists in the field of civil liability who provide assistance in particularly delicate sectors such as:
Professional Responsibility
• Product Liability
• Insurance and reinsurance issues
• Contractual and non-contractual defense of consumers
• Personal injury
Specific attention is devoted to contractual relationships between public and private entities with other institutions, employees and users.
The study has gained significant and important experiences in the field of industrial law, including copyright.
Working togheter with the law firm a team of professionals that provides assistance to protect, including in court, intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs and models, secret information, geographical indications and designations of origin, software and databases).
Our professionals are involved in drafting and negotiating of contracts inherents the transfer and license of the intellectual property and the strategic and commercial consultancy for the development, exploitation, preservation and protection of both industrial (patents) and intellectual works.
After having developed an important experience in banking and financial institutions, our professionals are able to provide banking and financial assistance, and in particular to structure and manage Leveraged Buy Out transactions, securitisation of loans, financing contracts and Project Financing, Debt Restructuring and Venture Capital Financing: Bank Guarantees, Mortgages and Banking Contracts in General.
Among its professionals there is an administrative lawyer who is able to provide its clients with specialized assistance in this area of law, both in the out-of-court and judicial areas.

An effective customer care is possible by ensuring the care and safeguard of its credits. The law firm therefore has a team of professionals who, after an in-depth analysis of the type of credit, chooses the most appropriate strategy for the case. The primary objective is to promptly accompany the client in out-of-court and judicial activities aimed at recovering his credit. In particular, judicial activity is based both ordinary procedures (writ of summons) and in summaries or particularly urgent (warning of judgement Article 702bis cpc, sequesters, etc.), up to active participation in insolvency proceedings (current interest is the arrangement with creditors in accordance with Article 161 paragraph 6 of the LF) or their commencement, until to arrive at the actual enforcement procedures (movable and immovable property or concerning third parties) both in the Italian territory and in the countries of the European Community, with a particular attention for foreign client (through the European injunction). All phases of legal service are supported by research and investigation activities carried out by specialized agencies established in the Italian market, that make concrete the credit recoverability.